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In our mission to be the most transparent crypto-backed lender, we launched live chat – a public forum where you can start conversations with us or our customers.

Find out what people think of our platform, share investing tips and strategies, or reach out to our customer support team when you need help.

It’s good to talk, and with public and private channels, you control the conversation.

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Not sure where to start?

Pick one of these questions and share with our community. The best stories will get you sweet prizes and bonuses

How did you hear about MyConstant?
What is your favorite investing strategy?
What do you love most about us?
What features you think deserve more attention?
What could we do better?
How has your impression about us changed since you first joined?
How have we helped you in your investment journey?
Any tips for newcomers? (it can be about anything from KYC to secondary market orders)